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Side effects of Fludac

Fludac is a brand of the generic drug Fluoxetine that is sold in India. It’s original brand name is Prozac.
Therefore side effects of Fludac and Prozac are similar. Fludac is an antidepressant in SSRI drug class.
Most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia, abdominal pain and skin rashes.

In addition, certain patients can report short term anxiety and agitation. Insomnia or lack of sleep is also another troublesome side effect. However, it can be controlled by taking the medication in the morning. Sexual dysfunction is one of the major side effect of concern. It is said around 80% of patients who take Fludac experience some sort of sexual side effect. Most common side effect is lack of desire. In addition, it can cause erectile dysfunction in males. It is one of the main cause of drug discontinuation in patients.

However, sexual dysfunction can also be due to the disorder itself (e.g. Depression). Therefore, some patients may experience more satisfactory sexual function when the depression is settling.

Most commonly prescribed alternative medication, when sexual dysfunction is present is Mirtazapine. But it can cause drowsiness.

Fluoxetine HCl 20mg Capsules (Prozac) Fludac

Other more problematic side effects are syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion or SIADH. It can result in reduced blood concentration of sodium or hyponatremia. Another potentially life threatening complication of Fludac (Fluoxetine) is serotonin syndrome.

In addition, Fludac can cause increased bleeding due to platelet malfunction. It is rarely a problem in normal individuals but it can cause problems in surgical procedures. Therefore, it is important to inform the surgeon and anesthetist before going to surgery that you are on Fludac.

When should you take Fludac?
Some patients may experience poor sleep with Fludac. They should take it in the morning. If you get drowsy with this medication then it is better to take it in night.

What is the maximum dose of Fludac?
80mg per day can be used safely without significant side effects. But risk of toxicity is rare even in very high doses. This makes it preferable to use in highly suicidal patients.

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